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Tips for working from home

Struggling to keep motivated at work throughout the day?

Happy Thoughts Academy shares ideas from those who work from home in their 'normal' lives.

1) Set yourself an alarm - As much as you might like a lie in, setting the intention to make your day follow the same structure as usual will help keep you on track.

2) Get dressed - Not got any video calls in the diary and fancy wearing your pj's? Throw on a killer outfit to go and conquer the world...from your laptop!

3) Have a designated office space - Can you set up your space in a specific area? There have been some awesome posts of creative spaces with laptops on top of laundry baskets and pilled on top of old DVD cases!

4) Have regular drink breaks - Stay hydrated and if you're anything like the team at the Happy Thoughts Academy you will NEED to keep those caffeine levels up like you would at work.

5) Stay in touch with your work colleagues - If you're missing your chats over the kettle, why not schedule a call or video chat to catch up on the gossip in your home offices.

6) Set yourself a to-do list - Having this amount of time can be overwhelming without a plan. Procrastination can take up so much time if we don't set goals.

7) Have a lunch break - Keep your energy levels up and allow yourself time away from the computer screen.

8) Have the radio on - It can be tempting to have the TV on with your favourite Netflix programme, but stick to the radio. It'll give you the ambience of having people around.

9) Have small rewards - When you tick something off your list why not treat yourself with a cuppa?

10) Fresh air/ walks - Keep on top of your exercise. Click here to see why it's so important for your mental health.

11) Think about those around you - It can be hard for them to adapt to the new environment. Set expectations you have whilst your working and be conscious that they need a space too.

12) Set your office space for your posture - Make sure your chair and screen are at the correct height for your frame to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Let us know if we can help you by discussing a subject or creating a new resource.

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