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The Fab Five

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

How they are inspiring the world and have updated the Queer Eye reboot to be a #MakeBetter rather than a makeover!

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of watching the incredible Queer Eye, I'll give you a quick overview.

The Fab Five is made up of; Antoni Porowski, food and wine expert; Tan France, fashion expert; Karamo Brown, culture expert; Bobby Berk, design expert; and Jonathan Van Ness, grooming expert.

They have a 'hero' which has been nominated by someone in their lives that think they are deserving of the Fab Five's overhaul. They could be nominated because something may have happened in their lives that changed their circumstances or it could just be that gradually over time they have let everything go until they are just existing with no quality of life.

The Fab Five turn up, take over their lives in every area. Yes they do the "make better" (not makeover!) but the most important journey that every single hero goes through is the inside work. They teach you to know your worth, know that you are deserving of the wonder of life. I honestly believe the fab five are everything that is good in the world and we need more of it around us.

So how do we recreate the amazing, glowing from the inside out, fabulousness that is Queer Eye in our everyday lives? In terms of your friendship and support network everyone needs their own Fab Five! Now, I don't mean that we need experts in every area. What I mean is that you need a group of honest cheerleaders to remind you of your worth. People to be remind you of your good qualities and call you out on the ones that make need an upgrade. Don't forget this is a two way process, it takes one to know one. We can be each other's cheerleaders. How many times have you been in a lull and your friends have pulled you up, how many times have you been there for your friends?

I am incredibly lucky that in my life I am surrounded my own team of angels. I always try to be upbeat and happy around everyone, but lately I have been a bit truer through my Instagram stories on how I am really truly feeling. Life isn't always unicorns, sparkles and rainbows, there is the rain to go with the rainbows. Karamo's quote resonated with me..

"Being Vulnerable Is Not A Sign Of Weakness. It Is A Sign Of Strength. It Shows You Are In Tune With Yourself, Which Is The Sexiest Thing To Men Or Women."

Karamo Brown

Something incredible has happened when I've opened up. People reach out to you for two reasons; 1, they let you know they feel the same and creates the space to allow others to speak their truth (which was my purpose for doing it) and 2, it allows people to offer you their support when you are struggling. I've never realised how important it is to allow people to be there for you. It brings you closer, deepens your friendship and builds people up on both sides.

My heart feels pink and genuinely bursts with gratitude for the people that I have in my life, which in turn brings more of the same people in to my life. The Law of Attraction is a powerful thing, your thoughts and your words create your reality, so surround yourself with people that are on the same path and are creating the same energy. Your vibe attracts your tribe.

I've kind of gone off on a tangent in regards to the Fab Five and what they represent. Honestly if you haven't seen Queer Eye, I HIGHLY recommend it. I've updated my funeral plan to include a showing of Season 1, episode 8. I feel if everyone watches this programme, homophobia just wouldn't exist, maybe that's naive of me? I will put my hand up and say I cannot understand why it does, my head does not comprehend the thought process of anyone who thinks that like. LOVE is frickin LOVE!

Anyway grab your cheerleader team and go get life!

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