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Struggling with not working in this pandemic?

Are you on furlough, self employed or lost your job/s due to COVID-19?

It's important to note that some can feel extremely positive from the new position they find themselves in and that is wonderful for those that can, however it can enhance the issues brought on with poor mental health.

Sometimes it's difficult to even get out of bed when you feel like you have no reason to get out of it. You may have dependants in your home that rely on you to keep fed and washed and mentally stimulated but loosing your jobs, your work, can make you feel incredibly lost in this Corona-Coaster of emotions that we are all experiencing.

Why is this?

Work can give us our identity, our sense of achievement and satisfaction and also gives us our interactions with others, whether that be in person or through technology. In this current climate the loss of work can make us feel panicked, uncertain and isolated. This is all in addition to the obvious loss of income which we clearly need for the roofs over our heads, bills to be paid and food in the fridge.

How we do we turn this into a positive?

With this new gift of time, the most important thing we can do is to find our PURPOSE in life. That can become a bit overwhelming and we can start to think of the "BIG" question.

What is the meaning of life?

There are plenty of celebrities throughout history who have shared with us that all the money and tangible things in the world don't bring happiness. They don't bring love. They don't bring fulfilment. Yet as a society the big house, the car, the fancy holidays seem to be how we define success in this Western World.

What are your true drives without materialism? Is it social success or inner success? Do we listen to our heart or our head? So let's bring it back to the here and now. This is where it gets exciting!

Ask yourself a question...

If I won the lottery what would i do?

My answer (Apart from the obvious, sort my family & friends out with everything that they need from a health and home point of view.) I would build an academy that gives children from a young age the tools to work on their mental health as part of their school curriculum.

About a year ago I had a sudden (maybe obvious) epiphany. The chances of me winning the lottery are pretty slim, but I can still accomplish my goal on a smaller level. Hence the birth of my volunteer site Happy Thoughts Academy. Step 1 is to make talking, discussing, working on our mental health "normal" and part of our routines rather than just something those with mental illnesses do.

However, this is just something I chose to do but it doesn't pay a bill and provide the financial well-being/security we need as human beings to live. So how do I bring it into my day jobs? I use my role as a teacher to bring in the teachings of positivity, mindfulness, and general mental health awareness and our own personal responsibility of it all as part of my teachings. Life lessons are just as important as any other teachings I can give to my students.

As human beings our cells regenerate constantly. It takes seven years for our whole body to be recreated. This means that every seven years you are literally a BRAND NEW person.

What person will that be? Who do you want to be? How do you want to make people feel? What would you like people to say about you?

Find your purpose and bring the components into your world in anyway that you can! Find your end goal and map your journey to get there! (Our goal setting will help you get there) Find those inner drives and become the master of your human experience!

Who's excited for life right now?!

Contact us if you would like to wrote a blog on your purpose.

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