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Your surrounding environment

Our suggestion in these uncertain times would be to start by making sure your external environment is as organised and calm as it can be.

Everything should be neat and tidy and have a place. We would suggest watching Marie Kondo on Netflix if you haven't already. Using her techniques at home we have managed to keep everything in order since applying it at The Happy Thoughts Academy. Tidy home = Tidy mind. There is also an amazing comprehensive guide on how to organize your home with the KonMari method checklist by the Happy DIY home available by clicking here.

The next thing we would suggest is making sure you know any deadlines that you have coming up for work or bills to pay and prioritise accordingly. Make lists and give each individual task it's time in order. Sometimes when we have so much to do it's extremely easy to add them all together and become overwhelmed by the huge mountain that can seem impossible. So split them up into small chunks and you'll be winning! Why not check out our everyday resources for more ideas on goal settings.

Whilst a positive attitude is the key to getting the most out of each day, you must recognise that you are not superhuman and you will have bad days! There's nothing wrong with feeling negative at times, as long as you remind yourself that it will pass.


What will make you feel better? A bath, a good cup of tea, a gorgeous smelling candle, your favourite film, read a book, meditation or exercise? Find what works for you and embrace it!

Most of! If you are having any issues discuss them with your friends, family or neighbours. Use our social media images to start the conversation. If you feel it's a bigger issue and you need more help, head to our external links or urgent help.

Head to our Blog for more inspiration from the Happy Thoughts Academy Team and their collaborators.

Train Your Brain

Why not try our Not-to-do list, Vision board and Self-care checklist printables by clicking on the images below. These will help you focus on the things you can control and the things you can't.

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Gratitude Ejournal (2).png
Gratitude Ejournal (3).png
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