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World Mental Health Day 

Saturday 10th October 2020

World Mental Health Day, a programme of the World Federation for Mental Health, was observed for the first time on 10 October 1992. The theme this year is MENTAL HEALTH FOR ALL.

What does that mean to you and how can you help?

Mental health is a spectrum that we all fall onto, our mental health can differ from minute to minute. As a global force we can stop the stigma and make mental health less of a taboo subject to discuss by being more open and more aware.

Especially in the midst of this pandemic, is it truly so important to start these conversations and make sure everyone in our lives know that we are all there for each other. By having a strong support network around us we can cope with the stresses of poor mental health together and pull each other up.


There has been extensive research carried out for decades which suggests that for us to be happy one of the key areas of our lives that we need to work on is... helping others. So help yourself by being there for your family and friends.

We have some resources below that may help you spread the awareness in your home and office and life and we also have our social media page that may help you start the conversation if you are struggling to find the words.


Click the icon to the left to download the poster for your office or home..

Happy Thoughts Academy World Mental Heal


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Happy Thoughts Academy World Mental Heal
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