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The Name is Power.... Will Power

How is your willpower? Is it better at certain things than others? Well here at the Happy Thoughts Academy we realised that we were giving the responsibility of our decisions to a different person and his name is Will, Will Power. Think we have gone crazy?... let me explain!

This was the first year we haven't participated in Lent. We wouldn't call ourselves particularly religious, more spiritual and consciously awake however it's just something we've done from a young age because its the only time we've had "willpower".

We've gone from giving up chocolate, to sweets, to bread, to going full vegan and this year with a trip to Australia on the cards midway through Easter (cheers Covid!) there would be too many restrictions on holiday, it just wouldn't have been much fun for anyone so we decided not to do it.

It made us think why is it only at Lent that our willpower is switched on? Whatever we decided to do for lent, is done no question because it's Lent but any other time of the year it wouldn't be possible. If we decide to become more healthy, eat less junk food or do more exercise at any other time it just doesn't really last very long.

The excuse is - I've got no willpower!

Have you done any of the Arbonne or Herbal life detox programmes? We've done those and we've followed those to the letter, so again we questioned why do we have willpower at certain times and not at others?

Here's what we came up with. We are giving the responsibility away to someone else. Instead of Mr Will Power living inside us, we have been giving him away to external forces.

It's lent so I have willpower. I'm told what I can eat so I have willpower. The personal trainer tells me what to do so I have willpower.

Instead of acknowledging that willpower is inside us we attach it to something or someone externally. That way when we don't accomplish something it's because we ran out of willpower as if it's a tangible amount or we weren't given enough that day.

It also works in the reverse that when we do accomplish something we don't acknowledge our own power. For example "My willpower isn't a question when it's lent, I just do it because it's lent".

The power is inside us all. The responsibility is our own, whether we decide to act upon it in a negative or positive manner is down to us not to a person named Will Power.

There are many factors that can affect the decisions we make but ultimately the decision and the power is our own.

So our new goal going forwards is to reclaim the responsibility and to step into our own power and own the decisions we make, good or bad.

If we decide to eat the whole bag of chocolate it's because we decided to and if we decide not to eat the whole bag, it's because we decided to. Mr Will Power will no longer be sat opposite us making the decision because Mr Will Power is in us all it's whether or not we choose to listen and embrace him.

Decide it, Own it and Embrace your inner power!

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