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Exercise and Mental Health

We are allowed out once a day to exercise, but why is this so important to do this in terms of our mental health?

There are two main reactions to exercising; the bio-physical and the psycho-social.

The Bio-physical - You may have heard of endorphins? These are the wonderful neurotransmitters which transmit electrical signals within the nervous system. They can have the same affect as morphine or codeine on your body. Exercise releases these endorphins, along with circulation of more oxygen and dopamine travelling around the body, the end result is us feeling a LOT better.

The psycho-social - when we exercise it can bring on the 3 C's which make us feel better.




Competence means that we can do something efficiently and successfully. This can have a positive affect on our self esteem. Along with the physical results on our muscles.

Companionship is a feeling of friendship, we can relate to others whilst exercising together in groups or even by the joint results of the affects of the physical exercise including weight management along with the tribe mentality.

Control is giving ourselves the responsibility of making the choice to do the exercise and complete it. Again this is great for our self esteem and gives us the feeling of self management.

Stress and anxiety has also been proven to be alleviated with exercise. Blood pressure is known to improve and a person's mental state is more alert once they have done some form of exercise.

So try and use make sure you get your exercise in daily to keep on top of your mental health as much as you can.

Check out the NHS guidelines for more information on how much exercise you should be doing based on your circumstances.

Joe Wicks is hosting the children's PE classes every morning with the reruns on his youtube page.

If you click here you will be sent to a ten minute guided meditation for complete after your exercise.

Enjoy your exercise guys!

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