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Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

May 10th - 16th 

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 is hosted by the Mental Health Foundation. This year they have decided to choose nature as their theme.

They have some incredible resources for how you can use nature to help you with your mental health. Head to their website here.

We have made our own resources for the week below. They are all FREE to download and use as you wish!

Positive Affirmations

Print this out and place next to your mirror for each morning.


Attitude of Gratitude

Print this poster as a reminder to find the gratitude.


Note Cards

Print and place in random spaces for you, friends, family or even strangers.

Random act of kindness.png

Colouring Sheet

Have a mindful moment with this colouring sheet.

Colouring Sheet.png

Mental Health Weekly Plan

Having a plan in place helps to find the time to get it done, even timing a 5 min cup of tea or 5 minutes in the car on the drive before you get in from work to gather your thoughts.

Mental Health Week Plan.png
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